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For a Few Dollars More

The Missing Scene


Here's an overview of the missing dialogue scene from For a Few Dollars More, it is missing from all MGM DVDs worldwide. Bizarrely it is still missing from a newly created Special Edition DVD in 2005, which was touted as being restored !!

The scene is present on legit VHS copies in the UK from the 80s and 90s.

The pictures are taken from the Italian Region 2 DVD Per Qualche Dollaro in Piu' from CVC which does include the scene, but with Italian audio only. (Note: This DVD is cropped to 1.85:1)

If you want to hear the English audio of this missing scene Click Here


After Indio and his men capture Clint and Lee Van Cleef thieving, they proceed to beat them up. Indio's men enjoy the fun, and start to laugh. After a while Indio stops laughing....

Indio starts to wonder about something

Clint grimaces as he gets a boot in the spine

While Indio's Men continue laughing about the ensuing beating

Clint can do nothing but lie in a heap


Either Indio isn't all that evil or has a plan up his sleeve


So he jumps down off the wall, and orders his men to "Stop it !"

Indio's men are well trained and know when to shut up!


Indio: "Ninõ, see that they're tied securely"

Indio: "Slim, keep your eye on them."

Groggy: "Why let them live?"

Indio: "All things at the right time"

Groggy: "What do you mean?"

Indio: "What's he doing now, the sheriff in El Paso?"


The scene continues...


(C) Dave R 2005